I did follow through on my plan of finding a local morning prayer service to attend, and I have been twice now. On Monday I woke up with ease, and even managed to have a shower and breakfast before leaving to get to the service on time. There were only three of us there, and the other two were part of the church’s ministry team, but it was still a lovely way to begin the day. I arrived home at twenty to eight, so I was at my desk and working by 8am! Considering that I’m usually dragging myself out of bed at that time, I managed to be very productive and got a lot of work done. All day I felt centred and focussed.

Today was a little harder because I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but I was still up and on time for the service. Afterwards I went to meet a friend for breakfast, did my weekly food shopping trip, came back and worked on a few essay plans for a revision class, went to the class and discovered I need to do a LOT more work, but then spent the remainder of the day doing all the little jobs on my to-do list before heading out to evensong.

Starting my day with a church service – not just with prayer and worship, although they are so important, but also meeting up with others who are doing the same – seems like such a good way to ensure my day is successful. It really gives me the impetus to start working, and I have always found that if I get a couple of hours of work done early in the morning, I am much more motivated to continue working for the rest of the day. Despite the fact that I didn’t do a lot of academic work today, I did manage to get through several important jobs.

Apparently they have been reading the daily offices at that church for over a year now, which is very impressive considering that this town, with two universities in it, has a very fluctuating student population and churches can’t always depend on a steady congregation in the summer.

There is no morning prayer on Wednesdays, but I plan to get up early regardless and possibly take a short walk before starting work. God has always felt closest when I’m out in the fresh air enjoying the sights and smells and sounds of His creation, and I’m blessed with beautiful surroundings. I just pray I won’t wake up to grey clouds and rain, although even that would be a good thing: despite the miserable spring weather, we’re currently in a drought. Perhaps I’ll go out even if it is raining, and give thanks for the blessing of water.