This morning I was confirmed into the Anglican church. My mother, and her mother and stepfather, arrived on Saturday afternoon – my mum to stay with me, and my grandparents to stay in a hotel about twelve miles out the city where the room prices were more tolerable. We all went out to dinner at a wonderful pub-hotel restaurant, and then this morning reconvened to get to the confirmation service.

Because I live in a city that was built long before the car was even dreamt of, it is something of a logistical headache getting two elderly people, one of whom is disabled, into the centre of town. In the end we left an hour early, drove the long way round, and I got out with my grandfather to wait in the church and for me to meet the bishop and the other candidates for a run-through of the service. My mum and grandma drove back and were met by a friend of mine who walked them back into town via a quicker route, and they just arrived as the first hymn was starting.

It was another wonderful service. Last week’s baptism felt more moving somehow; it was a smaller and more intimate venue and I knew almost everyone by name. Today I felt a little more nervous that I might mess up with the arrangements and forget to do something or go somewhere, but all went beautifully. The bishop was kind and friendly, and everything had been very well organised. There were NINE robed clergy taking part, presenting their confirmation candidates and assisting with the Eucharist, and at least three more in the congregation. Many of my friends attended, as well as many friends and family of the other candidates. It felt like a formal but enjoyable celebration of our important step.

Taking communion for the first time was a great experience. I have so often stepped up to the altar to take a blessing, but now I can finally lift up my hands to receive the body and blood of Christ. I think it will help to serve as a reminder that I am walking with Christ and must live my life accordingly.

My family have now left, after a lunch at a nearby restaurant, and I am going to have a short rest before heading back out again for evensong at my chapel. It has been a day filled with God, with love, and with church – just as a Sunday should be.