This is just a short post to get myself back into the swing of blogging after a summer without internet at home. My day-to-day blog only got two or three entries, my cookery blog none at all, and this blog hovered at the back of my mind but never quite made it out.

Now I’m back at university in my new room, surrounded by boxes and glad to be home. I have learned so much this summer and experienced more than I ever expected – I was heart-warmingly welcomed into a church just a few minutes’ pleasant cycling from the house, and visited many more as part of a music tour (in particular the overwhelming welcome from a Catholic church in Brooklyn reduced me to tears), and equally welcomed into the lives of my friend and her circle of loved ones. I have come home with several new firm friendships and the offer of somewhere to stay if and when I return.

I have also come home with four new long skirts, and one skirt that I’ve almost finished sewing! It is the first time I’ve ever made any of my own clothes, and as soon as I can find a functional sewing machine I will attach the waistband, hem everything and try it on. It won’t be wearable in public until I’ve bought a slip, as it’s fairly translucent, but it is quite an achievement.

This year I am a warden for my college’s chapel, which means attending the Sunday morning communion service in addition to the regular evensongs I went to all of last year. I will even be leading the intercessions at one point next month – something I had requested I be exempt from, as I’m terrified of getting it wrong, but perhaps it is a challenge. I’m looking forward to the new responsibility and being even more a part of the church’s heart. I’m not yet sure whether I will continue attending weekday morning prayer at the town church – part of me wants to, and part of me is worried about the early mornings on dark winter days. However, the service is almost an hour later now than it was when I attended last year due to a new vicar, so it should be easier.

This is my final year of university, or at least of this degree, and I did not expect it to feel quite so different. I’m in a period of personal change and growth, and I hope that the fruits of that growth will be evident in my work as well as all other aspects of my life. To that end, it is time to get to work clearing the boxes off my bed so that I can get my sleep schedule back on track!