It has been a long time since I posted here, and there’s a simple reason for that: I use WordPress for two blogs, and I am too lazy to log out of the one and into the other when I want to update. That is a totally futile excuse, and I hope to stop using it!

I was prompted to actually click the button by reading some other blog posts about people choosing their word for 2013. I heard about this last year and I liked the concept: instead of making a whole string of probably unachieveable New Year’s resolutions, you simply pick one word which sums up what you want to make progress on. Some people choose two or three words, some only one. I’ve seen necklaces made with the word on, or stickers stuck to the front of a diary as a daily reminder.

When I was reading the most recent blog post to mention the concept, a word immediately came into my mind. That word was “focus”. It applies to so many things: to staying motivated to work for my degree, to making good decisions about food and exercise, to remembering what my life is really for and who I’m meant to be living it for. I have difficulty with focus; if I had been an American schoolchild instead of a British one I suspect I may have had some kind of attention-deficit diagnosis. But I am perfectly capable of focusing on things if I make enough effort and go about it in the right way. That’s things which are as simple as keeping my desk clear so that it’s an inviting workspace, or reminding myself that it’s ok if I don’t read the Bible EVERY day, and missing one doesn’t mean I should just give up entirely.

I have several things I want to achieve this term. My timetable has altered subtly; two evenings have become free and I have a new activity on one afternoon. I want to make better use of that new time, and also of mornings – get up at a regular time and work instead of sleeping in, which means getting to bed at a regular time as well! I want to eat three good meals a day, and start attending morning prayer more frequently. But I can sum it all up in one phrase: I want to live with focus.