I am an unmarried English girl in my early twenties seeking the path appointed to me by God. The more time I spend delving into the world of Christian blogs and online communities, the further I feel I’m getting from knowing what God truly wishes for me. I started this blog as an outlet for my confusion and Christian musings amid a highly secular family and society.

I dream of being a mother, of homeschooling my children and keeping a house. I am university educated, intelligent and driven to learn – a purely passive, servile role would chafe! But I feel drawn to the conservative values of Christian communities such as the Amish, Mormons and the women I’ve come to call the Blogging Moms. I find it hard sometimes to distinguish between true grace and mere trend-following. So much of what I read feels alien to me; whether that is due to societal difference or a conflict with my understanding of the Bible I can’t tell. I’m torn between a heartfelt admiration for the women leading a life I aspire to and professing a strong faith in Jesus, but often feeling repelled by an acceptance of dogma I have yet to read in Scripture or hear preached by my church, the Church of England.

By starting this blog away from the eyes of my friends and family, who offer support and encouragement but are unable or unwilling to engage in long discussions of what they view as either trivial minutae or dangerous cultish thinking, I hope to find a supportive community and an outlet for the tensions I’m struggling with. Ultimately I hope to discover my appointed path 🙂