There are times when I can’t quite tell what God is trying to say to me. I flounder around trying different things, waiting for the sign that I’m on the right path. Sometimes I just give up and pick the path that looks most appealing. Sometimes I have to switch paths later down the line.

But sometimes, it becomes impossible to ignore the signposts. Things keep cropping up in my life over and over again until I have to throw up my hands and say “OK, I’ve got the message!”.

In the last thirty hours I have heard or seen the name Zig Ziglar mentioned three times. I have finally admitted that I need to go and find out more about him – and from my initial exploration it seems like it’ll be an interesting subject.

It’s hardly a huge thing. But it’s just one more example of how I have finally learnt to recognise guidance. This time it’s just a pointer towards an interesting man with some good life advice. Maybe next time it will be something bigger. I just have to be ready to see the signs.